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Cade Thompson demonstrates how far faith can take us

Gabrielle Schulenberg

One of the main struggles in the Christian life is arguably turning our fear into faith. When sin and death entered the world, we were not-so-gently shoved into survival mode, and now each one of us must fight to trust God throughout our lives.

Although this struggle sometimes seems impossible, we can learn to trust God through even the toughest of times. Cade Thompson is an example of how this faith over fear really works.

At just 20 years old, he is performing with some of the top Christian artists. He has written songs with Matthew West, and his songs have seen great success since his release of his debut song, Provider in February, 2020.

His huge success begs the question, where did he come from? What prompted him onto this journey as a Christian music artist?

Cade Thompson has always had an affinity for music, and his talent has been clear ever since he was quite young. He grew up in a Christian household where his parents were actively involved in the Church. Cade says in an interview with Life 96.5 in Sioux Falls that this was where the notion of fearless faith first came from. His parents would encourage him to step out in faith often.

His church’s worship was inspiring to Cade, but it was not only the worship at the church that encouraged his love for music. In his interview with Life 96.5 in Sioux Falls, Cade stated that his personal musical influences included when he listened to Christian radio stations and “Fell in love with the heart of worship” as he heard what he described as the “lifegiving lyrics” of this music.

When he was nine, Cade moved from Joplin, Missouri to Sioux Falls, South Dakota. He states in this interview with JubileeCast that “In my middle school years, I really began to see my faith go from head knowledge to my heart when I began to truly walk out my relationship with Jesus.”

As Cade entered middle school, he began to treasure the times where he could worship God. He holds closest the moments where he was at church worshiping alone. In those times where it was just him and God, Cade’s heart grew immensely as he became the person he is today.

High school was an intense time for the young star as he really began to develop what would someday be his career. In his interview with Life 96.5 in Sioux Falls, he mentioned that he went to a songwriting camp when he was 14 where he gained a connection to his producer.

Cade began venturing to Nashville to write music throughout high school, and at 16 he was doing small tours. After some time, he wrote his song Provider which is the song that got him into Red Street Records.

His success has only grown as he continues to step out in faith in various ways. He has written many powerful songs, and one that holds a very important place in his life is New Normal which he wrote alongside Matthew West.

This song – although a phrase that we are all familiar with post- 2020 – started to be written a few years ago when Cade was a senior in high school. Cade has had two truly terrifying experiences with something that hits close to home for many who are around his age.

When Cade was only five years old, his sister’s school had an active shooter. Cade says in an interview with CBN “I remember my family dropping off my sister at school that day.” This event was truly traumatic for him and spurred a deep fear of school shooters.

Unfortunately, this wasn’t Cade’s only encounter with school shootings. When he was a senior in high school, there was a threat of a shooting in his school. This was thankfully only a threat and no violence happened at the school, but it sparked that deep fear once again into Cade’s heart.

But this time Cade went to action. He wrote his song New Normal as a way to speak up about his personal experience and what his generation faces that older generations may not understand. He writes in a unique perspective as the one who has experienced firsthand his generation’s burdens.

“We’re too young for all this hurting
Give us peace, give us peace…

You’re not a stranger to our pain
You see every tear on every face
One day they’ll all be wiped away
In a new normal” (Cade Thompson, New Normal)

What stands out about this young artist is that his song sings of the pain and suffering that his generation must endure, but it doesn’t end there. Once again, Cade demonstrates in perfect clarity how faith can face down the darkest of fears.

The young artist continued to speak the gospel to his generation when he wrote his song Dear Future Wife. In the midst of COVID-19 quarantines, Cade was in his home in Sioux Falls when he created this piece for his future wife.

“I’ve been wishing I’ve been waiting
I’ve been hoping I’ve been praying
That you’re out there
Somewhere on this earth
While you’re waiting just for me
I’ll do my best so I can be
The future husband
That my future wife deserves” (Cade Thompson, Dear Future Wife)

In his interview with Life 96.5 in Sioux Falls, Cade talks about how he wants to encourage the young Christians waiting on the one. This time is valuable in growing in faith and maturity. Cade says that “our identity comes through Jesus Christ first.” Therefore, once again we can allow faith to conquer fear as we trust God to guide us toward a future that He has planned for us.

In September, 2021, Cade developed his album, “Bigger Story” which features work by esteemed artists like Matthew West, Krissy Nordhoff, Ross King, Micah Kuiper, Jeff Owen, Matt Armstrong, Ethan Hulse, Benji Cowart and Jeff Pardo. He continues to excel at his artistry and learn from some of the most inspiring Christian artists around.

Altogether, we can see that this young Christian leader is an example for us to abandon our tendency toward survival-mode and fear. God has led Cade Thompson to influence millions of Christians with words of truth and encouragement.

Ultimately, no matter what we are faced with, and no matter how high the mountain ahead of us is, our faith in the God who created the mountain itself will prevail. Cade Thompson’s journey proves exactly that, and he continues to preach that truth in his music.